Spark Flight | Sheffield’s hidden gem? More Hall and the Ewden Valley

Following on from last week's video of the heart of Stocksbridge, I rooted through some more footage captured on the same day, including this from More Hall Reservoir. Growing up here it's easy to take for granted, but these shots (albeit brief, the drone was still very new) showcase this picturesque location that feels reserved... Continue Reading →

Spark Flight | Stocksbridge with the DJI Spark

The first real attempt at trying to capture some shots around Stocksbridge with the new DJI Spark. Plenty of footage from Green Moor, Bolsterstone and around Bracken Moor has also been captured and will no doubt be edited at a later date.   It's Stocksbridge's famous clock tower and the new Fox Valley development, home... Continue Reading →

Back to being a cycling bore… rather than just a bore

Three months removed from crossing the finish line in Amsterdam, my bike has done more mileage being moved up and down the hallway to hoover around it than it has under my own steam. As 2018's models are being released and my eyes open wide at the shiny new frames, new shapes and new specs... Continue Reading →

Unboxing Relish: Tall tale of taking relish on the road

As a dedicated Sheffielder, I don't like to go anywhere without a bottle of Henderson's Relish. When I moved to Liverpool in 2015 one of the essential purchases before packing my life into the back of a car was a bottle of Sheffield's finest. A lot has happened in the last two and a half... Continue Reading →

Find a subject you care about…

It started with a FreeWebs site providing the latest MotoGP and Speedway results in 2012, it moved onto a wrestling opinion blog as a nerdy teenager and six months ago this blog added to the list of half-arsed projects I started that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to pale into another... Continue Reading →

How did I end up exposing myself to a full train?

I'm stood showing a near full train every contour from the waist down. How did this happen?  When my pristine machine came out of the shop yesterday, me riding home on a train was most certainly not in the script. Resplendent with its new red handlebar tape, lighting up the road ahead; new pedals and... Continue Reading →

How long does it take to change cleats?

Even in my short, limited cycling past, changing pedals and cleats is one piece of mechanics and customisation I thought I'd mastered when I first made the change from flat to clipless. Needless to say, when the two mile walk a fortnight ago managed to grind the plastic down under my shoes I was fairly... Continue Reading →

Master Mechanic: King of the Hill | 5th Feb 2017

A week on from my 'mixed' start to 2017 on two wheels, another weekend rolled around and so did the second ride out from home, this week buoyed on by a positive weigh-in on the Friday and the premiere of Paragon, a film by a friend of mine Matt Owen, documenting a former Marine who... Continue Reading →

January Puncture Blues | 29th Jan 2017

With time getting on after Christmas I decided it was about time to get some miles under the belt. A couple of personal training sessions left me unable to walk for two weeks which doesn't help, but it seemed the time was about right. Dressed head to toe in new (matching) winter gear I hit... Continue Reading →

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