Spark Flight | Stocksbridge panoramic drone view, Green Moor

This is a short clip thrown together with some left over footage from a recording at the top of Pea Royd Lane, Stocksbridge. It shows a panoramic view of Stocksbridge and Fox Valley from the top of Green Moor. Can you spot your house? Follow on Twitter and Instagram @TheBenShepherd

Spark Flight | Bolsterstone Church and picturesque North Sheffield 

Another short clip filmed over two days (spot the change in the weather) from the centre of Bolsterstone. It focuses mainly on the church and village hall, along with the stunning views that surround this perfect corner of Sheffield.  ​

Spark Flight | Cressbrook Hall wedding venue

Attending a friend's wedding, I couldn't help but have a short flight around the picturesque Cressbrook Hall. It doesn't include any shots of the wedding, instead just taking a look around the venue which was perfect for an intimate service such as this.

Spark Flight | Sheffield’s hidden gem? More Hall and the Ewden Valley

Following on from last week's video of the heart of Stocksbridge, I rooted through some more footage captured on the same day, including this from More Hall Reservoir. Growing up here it's easy to take for granted, but these shots (albeit brief, the drone was still very new) showcase this picturesque location that feels reserved... Continue Reading →

Spark Flight | Stocksbridge with the DJI Spark

The first real attempt at trying to capture some shots around Stocksbridge with the new DJI Spark. Plenty of footage from Green Moor, Bolsterstone and around Bracken Moor has also been captured and will no doubt be edited at a later date.   It's Stocksbridge's famous clock tower and the new Fox Valley development, home... Continue Reading →

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