Ice Ice… Maybe

December's fattening up period over, January's best intentions recovery period out-of-the-way, February was the natural time to blow off the cobwebs, inflate the tyres and head out on the road in preparation for this year's rides for Prostate Cancer UK. With the alarm set for close to sunrise and the weather forecast looking good, I... Continue Reading →

DDP and Me. A fat Yorkshireman’s experiment with yoga…

'It ain't your Mama's Yoga' That's the line that former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page used to sell his fitness programme on, and that's what encouraged a number of non-stereotypical yoga types the motivation to give it a go. As a big pro-wrestling fan in my childhood and early teens (then late teens, early twenties... Continue Reading →

We’re going again | Upping the ante for 2018 cycling challenge(s)

Prepare yourselves… Another six months of being the boring one on the bike, another six months of Sunday morning Instagram posts around Merseyside, and another six months of testing myself against my inner fat self to shed some weight and raise some money for Prostate Cancer UK. After months debating whether to make the pilgrimage... Continue Reading →

How my mum and dad still inspire me 28 years on…

At seven years old we were asked what we wanted to be when we got older. Amongst the usual answers of astronauts, firemen and the blue Power Ranger (stupid answer, red was much better), I didn't hesitate to tell my teacher I wanted to drive lorries because it's what my Dad did, and I thought... Continue Reading →

Beware of the rubbish insult

Watching a bout of everyday road rage between a driver and a cyclist, I was reminded recently of the closest thing I've managed to the same scenario, and the pain and suffering that it cost me. You see, I'm the first to admit, I might not look 'sculpted' from the back when I'm wearing lycra,... Continue Reading →

Back to being a cycling bore… rather than just a bore

Three months removed from crossing the finish line in Amsterdam, my bike has done more mileage being moved up and down the hallway to hoover around it than it has under my own steam. As 2018's models are being released and my eyes open wide at the shiny new frames, new shapes and new specs... Continue Reading →

How did I end up exposing myself to a full train?

I'm stood showing a near full train every contour from the waist down. How did this happen?  When my pristine machine came out of the shop yesterday, me riding home on a train was most certainly not in the script. Resplendent with its new red handlebar tape, lighting up the road ahead; new pedals and... Continue Reading →

How long does it take to change cleats?

Even in my short, limited cycling past, changing pedals and cleats is one piece of mechanics and customisation I thought I'd mastered when I first made the change from flat to clipless. Needless to say, when the two mile walk a fortnight ago managed to grind the plastic down under my shoes I was fairly... Continue Reading →

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