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With my girlfriend asleep recovering from a recent operation, at over 15 stone and with only a few hundred miles under my belt on two wheels I decided now was as good a time as any to sign up to ride the 145 miles to help raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK and for the first time in my life, raise awareness and much-needed funds to combat a disease that will affect 1 in 8 men.

I’ve seen friends do 10k runs, half marathons, tough mudder; you name it, they’ve got medals for it and raised money for great causes throughout. I however, have always been the one to sponsor, watch on and congratulate and I figured it was time to do something myself.

To help with this I’ve stopped drinking alcohol, to a mixed reaction. However, it’s allowed me to take on a new vice, caffeine. Mug after mug of coffee often gets thrown back during a working day without thinking about it, and high-street chains are probably funding half of their staff from my donations alone. But this lack of alcohol and new focus is giving me chance to go out and fine the independent shops both at home and on my travels.

I’ll be updating my progress, so please take a look below and please donate to help a fat lad find the ability to cycle to a different country, training one coffee shop at a time.

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