Back to being a cycling bore… rather than just a bore

Three months removed from crossing the finish line in Amsterdam, my bike has done more mileage being moved up and down the hallway to hoover around it than it has under my own steam. As 2018’s models are being released and my eyes open wide at the shiny new frames, new shapes and new specs I could buy (or more likely the heavily reduced 2017 bikes I could get),  the feeling of guilt every time I walk bast the trusty Giant Defy 5 at home gets bigger.

Bike in the Hallway
The almost-redundant Giant Defy 5 at home

I put six months into Football to Amsterdam, and at the end of it was rewarded with two spectacular days of camaraderie, adventure and an enormous sense of well-being. It was for a good cause, a great cause, but the sense of purpose it gave me, as self-gratifying as that may be was phenomenal, and it’s what’s encouraged me to get back on the horse and find a new challenge.

Rather than covering 75 miles per day in a controlled environment, let’s do the century, and do it under a bit of pressure. I’ve been told it’s a grand achievement your first century, and if I would keep up with the times and measure in metric I could gladly tick it off the list, but as me and my Imperial cousins are some way from that, then it’s a challenge that’s still on the list.

After watching on TV recently, the RideLondon event looked huge. The challenge of covering 100 miles including some tough climbs that challenged the world’s best during the 2012 Olympics, all whilst knowing that on your way out of the Surrey hills back into London, you’ve got a World Tour peleton hunting you down is fascinating. The idea of those last pushes through the closed streets of Westminster are enough to whet anyone’s appetite, especially mine.

Much like I said eight months ago, people will do bigger challenges, they’ll go further, they’ll go faster, but for me it’s about setting myself another goal and raising money for a fantastic cause.

Whether I’ll still do Football to Amsterdam as well? I’ve not decided yet, it depends on fundraising opportunities, but for now I’ve got eyes on London and another winter putting myself through the mire on Merseyside to prepare.

RideLondon will once again be done to support Prostate Cancer UK.

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