Find a subject you care about…

It started with a FreeWebs site providing the latest MotoGP and Speedway results in 2012, it moved onto a wrestling opinion blog as a nerdy teenager and six months ago this blog added to the list of half-arsed projects I started that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to pale into another several post website never to be seen by the internet.

At the turn of the year I had focus, I had a goal, I was getting fit, abolishing alcohol and raising money ahead of a ride to Amsterdam; the first time I’d really set my mind on something and seen it through.

Celebrating the completion of Football to Amsterdam outside the Ajax Arena Photo: Nikki Dyer

From crossing the finish line outside the Amsterdam Arena to now, that focus has disappeared. In the two months since that I’ve cycled less than 20 miles. ‘I could give up drinking’ I said many times at the start of the year, well that didn’t happen either, and although I’ve not yet put any of the weight back on that was lost, I’ve not exactly gone out of my way to keep it dropping, and bread has become a staple part of every meal.

Find a subject you care about. Kurt Vonnegut

That’s why this week has seen a change, not in diet, not in alcohol consumption and not in putting my fledgling Football Manager career on hold, but a change in this blog, and doing something at least half-useful with the experiences I’ve had. Why force a reason to have a blog? or to write? or attempt an arty Instagram when the subject can simply be me. Why not share the places I’ve been, the afternoons sat in coffee shops, the one in 10 decent photos I actually manage that are in focus, or the Youtube videos that accidentally get picked up by a newspaper in a wholly inaccurate story?

Since crossing the finish line in Amsterdam I’ve been to Hong Kong, got mixed up in a Pride march, returned to being a season ticket holder at Sheffield United and forced my girlfriend into reluctantly watching the Full Monty. There are stories to tell from all of these, and even if it’s only my own Mum and Dad in Sheffield, someone who might be willing to read about them.

There will be poorly structured sentences, spelling mistakes and many more reasons not to read, but I’ve got focus, so here we go, for a month or so, here’s another stab at finding an outlet.

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