January Puncture Blues | 29th Jan 2017

With time getting on after Christmas I decided it was about time to get some miles under the belt. A couple of personal training sessions left me unable to walk for two weeks which doesn’t help, but it seemed the time was about right.
Dressed head to toe in new (matching) winter gear I hit the road. Within minutes it all came back to me, mid conquest of Upper Parliament Street, the chain came off. Steep hill, high gear, not happening. So back to the bottom. Start again.
Off again, loop of the city and heading south from Liverpool, slip on the ice, slightly filling my new lengthy tights in a less-than-flattering way and continue to crawl for half a mile on a Sunday January frost. Cycling in 2017 isn’t fun yet!

Watch the video here!
Finally, after the early issues I reach Speke airport, the GoPro battery long gone, as has one of two flapjacks, but that’s just gluttony. Moving nicely when, with the least effort imaginable I’m overtaken forcing me into a chase towards Hale. Finally realising I wasn’t going to catch the black dot now disappearing into the distance I realised I’d found somewhere new. Hale was nice, but Captain Sense of Direction here took a wrong turning so didn’t see much of it. However, it led to some of the best cycling roads I’ve encountered in Liverpool; my mood, and everything before it was forgotten. Until, realising I had somewhere to be I put directions to West Derby in the maps and found myself on a NCR, off road avoiding the dogs and the parcels they’d left behind until I could stand no more and dived off. At this point, 20 miles in I hit a gentle incline that felt tough, too tough for comfort. Worst nightmare.

I made no secret of the fact I can’t change a tyre. It’s what makes me a bad cyclist (that and my complete inability to pronounce derailleur, poursuivant or rouleur). 2 miles from home, equipped with a small repair kit…I started to walk. Bypassing Halfords I called in to borrow a proper pump but the air came out quicker than it went in, and too proud to admit dressed as I was that I had no idea what I was doing, I clip-clopped uncomfortably in my cleats all the way back.I’ve since fixed my tyre (thanks Youtube tutorials) and feel ready for any kind of nail or sharp object making a beeline for my Inner tubes now.

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